Video: Driver Crashes Car Into 2nd Floor Of A Building In California

Video: Driver Crashes Car into 2nd Floor of a Building in California

one can imagine a helicopter or even a small plane crashing into the second floor of a building. This time, the scene was pretty different when one speeding car managed to crash into second floor window of a nearby building.

Various reports have claimed that driver was high on narcotic drugs and didn’t even realized what happened in that few seconds.

CCTV footage from the nearby building shows how the speeding car crashed into a divider and flew several meters in the air before hitting the building and coming to halt. The situation sounds funny but both the passengers sustained serious injuries.

Driver Crashes Car
Driver Crashes Car into 2nd Floor of a Building in California

One among those two managed to get out while the other one was inside the car till rescue team arrived and helped him get out. Almost first half of the car was into Santa Ana Dental Office while rest half was seen floating in the air till a crane helped the vehicle come down to ground.

It took almost an hour for the crew to get things back to ground. Both the passengers have been admitted to a local hospital and are under observation. Reports claim that the car that flew without wings was Nissan Altima.

Such accidents are not seen everyday but people driving when on drugs is not an uncommon thing in most countries of the world. Several cases come up when driver is not even knowing how dangerously he/she has driven all the way from one to the other place.

Sujeeth Goud